Podcasts have been on my radar for awhile (it's only been around for a few months so take that as you may) but I've never felt the urge to actually listen to any. I've been listening to some and it's really fascinating. It's basically personalized pirate radio. Some of them are now essential listening (Reel Reviews) and others, not so much. I still want to find some new music casts with less early-blog-era style rambling but watching a new medium form is awesome. The thing that broke me from my blogging laziness is a recent cast from two of the founders of the medium, Adam Curry and Dave Winer.

Basically one of their favorite podcasts (Madge Weinstein of Yeast Radio) was revealed as a character, a sort of comedy show, instead of a real person. I had my suspicions from the start but apparently they did not. Adam even interviewed "her" on his podcast. The two of them are basically pissed off that they weren't included on the joke and they felt "violated". They thought they were the big insiders, the Founders Of Podcasting, and they should have been informed. Haha, sorry. Too bad. The real thing is that they are pissed that they weren't included. They should have realized something important and they completely missed it. Their medium doesn't need them. They aren't Important. They aren't in the inner circle anymore because there isn't one. The medium has grown beyond them. They should be happy about this and instead they turn on their former favored child like angry 10 year olds whose parents just told them that wrestling isn't real. If they really cared about podcasting as a medium and not as their personal playground they would encourage this sort of thing because it will help the medium. But that takes quite a bit more humility than these two seem to be capable of. In the spirit of sendoff from their "reveal" of the secret of Madge Weinstein: Fuck Adam Curry and Dave Winer.