As of yesterday I'm officially just a writer. I was "let go" from my current job as a Software Tester for some very bogus reasons and one mostly true one. But a door is always an exit and a entrance at once and all that so I'm going to take this opportunity to push my writing out there. Couldn't have happened at a better time as it turns out. I've been working harder on getting my stuff out there in the past few weeks than I have before; I've been getting up early to write, writing at lunch, I found an awesome artist to work on a comic with me, etc. We'll see what comes out of this time but I have good feelings. Of course the blog related benefit of this is that I'll have time to put more stuff up here.

One new "feature" of website will be my Weird Song of the Week, something I've wanted to do for awhile but never had the time. I'm a collector of weird covers, remixes, and just plain different versions of songs. The first set of songs will be a couple of cool/weird versions of the song "Ring Of Fire", one of the most heavily covered songs ever. See the box on the side for a link. If you have some suggestions for Weird Songs, please let me know at the email linked below.