Here's a list of songs I asked the DJ for the wedding to add to his frankly horrifying list of songs they like to play. Since when is anything by Jay Z appropriate for a wedding? And really, disco? It's 2004, playing any music from Saturday Night Fever in public (yes, even ironically hipsters!) should be a hanging offense. Not to say these are all classics of wedding tradition but I like them all for one reason or another:

  • Led Zeppelin - Going to California

  • Led Zeppelin - Thats the way

  • Jethro Tull - Aqualung

  • Tom Petty - Here comes my girl

  • Tom Petty - Into the great wide open

  • Social Distortion - She's a knockout

  • Bob Dylan - Shelter from the storm

  • Bob Dylan - Boots of Spanish Leather

  • Bob Dylan - Tombstone Blues

  • Stone Temple Pilots - Still remains

  • U2 - One

  • Lonestar - Amazed

  • Sting - Fields of Gold

  • The Verve - Lucky Man

  • Grant Lee Buffalo - Truly Truly

  • Guns 'N Roses - Sweet Child 'o mine

  • Nina Gordon - Tonight & The rest of my life

  • Jewel - You were meant for me