COMICS: Hmm, I wonder why superhero comics are laughed at and ignored by mainstream audiences? Could it be things like this? Have we gone back in time to the early 90s and nobody told me? There are so many things wrong with this book from this barely disguised press release that it's hard to know even where to start. I can't comment on the author, Chuck Austen, because I've never been interested in anything he's written (but others whose opinions I respect, like Paul O'Brien, have nothing good to say which is enough for me) but the startling lack of originality in every aspect of the book, from the story to the art to the character designs, just makes me shake my head in embarrasment. I mean, come on. The leader of the team is called 'Warrior Princess' and she's not even wearing enough material to completely cover one of her grotesequely oversized breasts. If you're going to go out and create your own new comic, what is the point of creating something so intensely hackneyed and unimaginative? I see nothing different here than all of the comics I've seen with Chuck Austen's name on them alongside the Marvel or DC logo.

But, in keeping with what I was saying yesterday about the change-averse superhero comics audience, the first comments to the story are "This looks GREAT!" and "King Pharaoh. And he's wearing an Egyptian headdress. That's so sweet."

Good for you Chuck Austen, you're giving your existing audience exactly what they want and not scaring anyone by attempting something new. Congratulations. You're part of what is going to kill superhero comics.

Link found on Thought Balloons.