LIFE: If you're one of the 3 fans of this site who aren't my immediate family, you may have noticed that I haven't exactly been Mr. Weblog recently. This is due to the fact that I have a new job, as a Quality Assurance / Test Engineer for Leader Technologies, a company that makes those 'Please Register Your Products' applications and webpages you see when you buy hardware and software. It's a very cool job and a neat company to work for. I've done what I think is a pretty good job so far, finding a few things that would have been bad had they gone out the door. I'm working a lot more during my workday (and getting home later too, unfortunately) than I was for the past few months at the previous job so that means less blogging. I'm resolving to be better about it though, much to my surprise people actually like and read this site so I want to keep it going as best as I can. I'll have some posts on the upcoming wedding soon both here and on the wedding blog as well as posts about what I've been reading recently. Unfortunately for my readers who come here from comics related websites, the list of reading material doesn't include many comics for various reasons, my lack of interest in the comics community recently not being the least of them.

So here's to my new job and hopefully to a renewed Matt O' Rama once I get more into a groove here at Leader.