Well, well, well. Needless to say, the result of the last election is bad. Very bad. The right was allowed (and encouraged) to use ignorance, fear, and bigotry to get people to the polls and vote Republican across the board. Frightenly stupid religious zealots were elected to Congressional office. Nearly a dozen states now have institutionalized homophobia. Republicans have all the power they need to roll back 50 years of social governance and environmental reform. The president and the republican idea machine are spreading the word that the administration now has a "mandate from the people" to do whatever they damn well please so it's their way or the highway. Even if you believe the election wasn't at least tilted by errors in vote counting on untrustworthy machines and not just plain hacked, Bush was elected with only 59 million votes. That's only 26% of the adult populace of the US. That's barely 51% of the people who voted. But the media will undoubtedly repeat the "mandate" like a mantra until everyone believes it. That's really the secret of how they won, but I'll get to that.

I didn't do enough to help this time, I'll say that. I'm not someone who would feel comfortable going door to door or calling strangers. But what I am good at is writing and analyzing. So I'll be doing that this time around, at least at first. I plan on doing more this time, because this cannot be allowed to happen again. We were close to winning and structural and idealogical problems with the Democratic party were just enough to lose it. The country is not turning Republican. Even in the big red swath of states the news people love to look at, Kerry didn't lose in a landslide. This is not two countries. The vote was close. We were close to winning. There are many reasons we didn't but none are insurmountable. So I'm going to be doing some thinking and on issues like this, for me thinking means writing. I'm going to discipline myself to update this site more often with my thoughts on what we need to do to win. And not just in 2008. We have an incredible opportunity here to utilize the internet for pushing a progressive agenda long term. We're here at the beginning of the 21st century and I refuse to believe we're turning towards fear and conservatism. We must push forward.

I'm not saying anyone will, or should, listen to me but I'm going to talk anyway. I want discussion. Discussion and community are the hallmarks of the internet and they are the antidote to the right's idea machine. I'll be posting here for the most part not to get anyone to listen to me but to help myself formulate my ideas. I'll be doing more to involve myself in politics from now on and this will be my starting point. If you couldn't care less about my views, I'll still be doing book reviews and such but this is important and I can't allow myself to just sit and do nothing. If you don't want to hear ideas you don't like, there are plenty of right-wing websites you can visit. If you don't like my ideas, there's a Comments link below. Please use it. I want discussion.