We're not even officially into the new "All Republican, All The Time" government the election brought us and they're already allocating money for a presidential yacht. Nice. If this were something foisted on the public by the Democrats (remember when the Dems were the 'spend, spend, spend' party? Ah, the good old days...) the Republican Idea Machine would be all over it. Everyone in America would have heard about it from at least 10 different right-wing "independent" sources by a week out. As it is, since the democrats have proven largely inneffective in getting messages like this out, we probably won't hear anything. That's a problem, obviously, because this is important. Yes, it might be just a little money but look at it this way. The administration has been cutting money for college grants to poor people, cutting money to children's medical and care programs (for mostly poor people), cutting money for proper bullet-proof vests for soldiers in Iraq for pete's sake and now they're saying "Hey, here's a few dollars for a new yacht." Nuts to that. This perfect for a Progressive Idea Machine. This needs to be out there. We need to be mocking and jeering them relentlessly for doing this.