I started writing this as a response to a comment in my original political thread a few days back but rambled on enough that I didn't want to waste it on a comment. :) So, here it is.

No, I'm not prepared to say 'Well, this country fucked up so off to Canada!' The point of the process we have here is not to give up but to fight to move things back. The best result for the right-wing groups in the country if those annoying liberal thinkers would all just leave and let them do whatever they want. But I like it here and I want to stay and fight them however I can. It might be a long process but if you look at it from a right-wing perspective, their machine took 30 years to get to the point it's at now with their golden dream child running things and their agenda at the top of everyone's mind. Yes, they have the chance to screw things up for a good long time if they get control of the Supreme Court and keep driving the economy into the ground but we need to play the long game too and it's impossible to do that if we all bail at the first sign of trouble, even if that sign seems like the train going all the way off the tracks.

Or, we can have a lot of fun sticking around just to make life harder for them. There's nothing better than riling up a conservative. My wife's mom actually told me to shut up the other day when discussing politics, which I have to say I count that as a kind of victory honestly.