THINKING: Thanks to Warren for this: An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth. I just printed this out and put it up on the wall next to my computer. If you're at all interested in creativity, this is something you have to read. Finding new ways of pushing yourself creatively is not just something that artists should do. Everyone should endevour at all times to be as creative as possible. Most people abandon creativity when they "grow up," get jobs, have kids, etc. This is the time when you should be running forward, not standing still. I encourage you to print this out, tape it up somewhere and read at least part of it every day. Challenge yourself. Don't just get by. Do something new. Your mind should be racing at all times. People ask writers "where do you get your ideas" all the time. You should be having so many ideas all day long that you have to stop and write them down as they pour out of your head. It doesn't matter if the ideas are a story to write, an image to paint, a special scrapbook page to make, a comic book to publish, a new path to ride your bike, a new way to do some process you've been doing at work for years, whatever. Make 2004 The Year Of The Idea. Grow.