BOOKS: I've decided to combine my personal pledge to read everything on my To Be Read Shelf with this '50 Book Challenge' from Reality Fuel. Since I'm confident that I could never remember how many books I read at the end of the year I've added a new box to the weblog as a running list of all the books I read this year. There's a seperate list for audiobooks and I'm not going to include most comics or graphic novels (too short) or computer books (usually don't read the whole thing straight through) or books I just skim through (The Dictionary of Troublesome Words). I'm also going to try to do weblog entries for all of them, as per the 50 Book Challenge. Good luck to me. If you're going to do your own list, please put your URL in the comments so I can check it out. There's no better way to find new books to read than from other readers.

Link courtesy of Bookslut.