I just got back last night from San Diego where we had our vacation and also attended the San Diego Comic Con, also known as Nerd Prom: San Diego. We ended up only spending 2 or 3 hours out of 5 days at the Con due to spending the rest of our time doing regular vacation stuff. I refuse to spend all four days at the Nerd Prom because it just gets too sad to bear after a while and I don't want Kim and Allison to hate me for dragging them 1000 miles just for that loser-ific spectacle. I so wish comics could get rid of the Nerdboy stigma attached to them and then once the Con comes to town so do all the grown men dressed as Sailor Moon and dorks in trench coats and Flash tshirts fill every trolley car.

Part of the problem I think has to do with the Registration process for the con. And by Registration process I mean wait in line for 2 hours+ in the hot San Diego sun. Unless you pre-register online, which involves printing out the form and either mailing or faxing it in (hello! Come into the 90s people, you have a website. Use it!), you have to wait in line with literally thousands of other people to get in. The line when we showed up was over a mile long. A mile. Needless to say, we went and did other more fun things and came back later. Most people who aren't crazy would just go home. This leaves pretty much just hardcore comic book fans as attendees, which sucks. A convention this big should have a way for people to come by because they heard about the con on the news the night before.

I'll have lots of pictures of the Wild Animal Park up later. Since I'm the world's most giant dumbhead (to steal a phrase) when it comes to remembering things, I only remembered to take the camera out with me once. grrrr.