YEAREND: Well, well, it's the last day of the year. The new year is pretty much the biggest sign of change most people have in their lives. Having a waypoint that allows you to see definatively that times are changing and your days are going by is very useful. Most people use January 1 to make "resolutions" that are a joke even as they make them. I can't say that I've not made resolutions that I've forgotten weeks later but I usually don't even make them. I do use the opportunity to look ahead though and see what I want to do the coming year. This year is going to be rather more eventful than most so I have a lot to look forward to.
  • A new job. I'm finally leaving my current job which I've had for almost 5 years now. It's time to move on though and I'm hoping my leaving will do good things for both me and the company I'm leaving. I pretty much built the entire company on the technical end of things so now that it's running I'm hoping someone else will take the ship in new directions. This means finding a new job for the first time in 5 years so that's a hassle but if all goes well I'll be making more money (potentially _a lot_ more if my main prospect works out) which will allow me to finally get some self-publishing done in preparation for moving to writing as a career, not a side-job. In any case, I'll be going from the main guy who has to worry about the health of the system all the time to just an employee who gets to go home and not think about work so I'll have a better state of mind in my free time.
  • My daughter's second birthday. It's hard to believe I can say "She started doing that a year ago" already. She's starting down the path of being able to really learn and speak and listen which promises to be the start of the most interesting time in her development. I know I have no experience in this area and I'm biased but she already seems so smart that I can't help but think she'll be running circles around me and her mom intellectually which I love.
  • Getting married. I probably have the least view of what it will be like to be married than anyone on Earth. Since Kim and I already live together and have a daughter I assume it will be mostly the same but I have no idea. I can't help but think good things though, Kim and I and Allison are already a great team.
  • My writing. My newest story (which is being sent to SciFi.com's SciFiction editor today so cross your fingers for me) is probably the best short story I've written and my new thing I'll be submitting to Oni in February is shaping up to be a good one too. I'm hoping the new job opens up my time and brain a bit so I can get more writing in and move forward. If I get High Paying Programming Job I'll have more than enough cash to get Hype Comics going and self-publish. In any case, I have a good feeling about the writing thing.

I have way too horrible of a memory to do any kind of comprehensive Best Of list. I'd be adding stuff I forgot to it for weeks. If you're really interested, I've been putting most things I liked on this weblog so skim through the archives. One of my goals for next year is to work on my memory so hopefully by a year from now I'll be a more proper weblogger and have my list together.

Here's hoping for a new year ful of change and surprise for everyone.