This is apparently a new comic put out by the lovely folks at PETA to protest wearing fur. They're giving it to kids as they walk by with parents who are wearing fur coats. Now, I don't think violence solves very much but if somebody handed this bullshit to my daughter the best they could hope for was that I would only take the rest of the comics and throw them in the trash. It's one thing to bother adults with your concerns about animals but giving this to kids is reprehensible. If the PETA leadership had any balls they would disavow this type of extremist activity, unless they support it in which case they need to be public about it. This is not an isolated incident and this type of activity is only making people think the group is irrational and ignorable, like all extremists and wackos. Abusing kids like this only hurts your cause. The only way people are going to listen and think about what you've said is if you're rational about it.

Once again, if you don't like something, don't do it. Take responsibility for yourself and let others do the same. Discuss your differences, don't resort to ugly guerilla tactics. I think fur coats are gaudy and pretentious but I'm not going to do anything but snicker at people wearing them because it's their right. They aren't hurting me and unless the mink or the rabbit went on the endangered species list recently, they aren't hurting the planet either. The choice to wear a coat made from an animal is yours and yours alone. The instant you throw paint on someone's coat or hand a kid one of these booklets is the instant you give up your right to not have people fuck with you for no reason. From that point on if the world were fair people would be able to key your car if they disagreed with the paint color, egg your house if they think it's ugly, etc.

Thanks to the artblog for pointing this one out (no permalinks).