COMICS: God Bless Graeme at the Fanboy Rampage weblog for going through the worst depths of internet comics fandom to find message board threads such as these recent ones:
I just finished rereading The Dark Phoenix Saga and noticed these inconsistencies.
4 continuity errors in the 20 year old X-Men storyline snipped out for sanity's sake.
"I agree 100% with what [Rob Liefeld] said about [Alan] Moore. Moore is one of the biggest rip off artist in the industry. What started with Watchmen continued on with Supreme and ABC and I doubt it will ever stop.

"Moore should try coming up with really original characters intead of ones based on what other people have done."
hahahahahahahaha. Spoken as someone whose only foray out of the safe confines of his room in his mom's house has been to the Marvel/DC shelves at the comic shop.
1) Cut half the X-comics. 2) Eliminate Ultimate titles. 3) Mandatory Marvel Method for core books. And that's just the first day."

"Eliminate the Ultimate line? Are you nuts? That's a moneymaker."

"If the burden of continuity has become too great, ignore continuity! But REWRITING everything flies in the face of common sense: the only reason Spiderman still exists to be screwed with is that HE WORKS THE WAY HE IS--well enough to last 40 years. If you need to 're-imagine' something, re-imagine something that never made a blip. Re-imagine Codename Spitfire."
Marvel Method? Cut the best-selling Ultimate books? Spiderman works the way he is? Man, oh man. Although these ideas came from a thread about how you would run Marvel Comics so the original poster was just asking for trouble. There's another thread on Micah's forum about how you would run DC if you swing that way.