COMEDY: Kim and I went to see the Comedy Central Live standup show last night with Lewis Black and Dave Attell. There were also two opening acts but don't let the fact that I can't remember their names lead you to believe that they weren't funny. Everybody had a good set but as I expected, Dave Attell was the only one who killed.

Lewis Black was obviously sick so i give him a pass even though he was off all night. His stuff has always been hit-and-miss with me anyway. I like his topical material like he does on the Daily Show, where most people know him from, but I've never been a big fan of his everyday-life stuff like the obvious and unfunny bit he did about bottled water. Since this was the Comedy Central show, I expected him to be in more of his Back In Black Daily Show mode but he did mostly stuff like the bottled water thing and his "candy corn tastes like crap" material. That's one of my favorite bits of his which says a lot seeing as I love candy corn and as I said, I like his topical/political humor more.

Dave Attell, as I said, killed. My coworker said most of the material was off of his recent album but since I don't have it, it was pretty fresh to me. If you've watched Insomniac but never heard any of his standup, buy an album or better yet see him in concert. He's got a very perverted view of the world so if you're a prude, you won't like his show, just so you know. There's really no way to describe his material, it's all over the map. He does a lot of alcohol humor, a lot of very funny sex stuff, some bits about his midget best friend he calls Baby Shoes, and a lot of improvised stuff.

Overall the show was very good. It was in the Kiva auditorium which means no smoking, so no stinking of smoke for me, a rarity at most concerts. I sat next to an older lady who only ever laughed at the alcohol jokes and inexplicably, at Dave Attell's masturbation material. I wasn't paying too much attention to him but I don't think her husband was laughing either. Maybe they got the tickets as a practical joke from someone. If the tickets weren't close to $100 (damn Ticketmaster fees!) I would love to send my mom to a show like Dave Attell's just to see what she'd think.

All in all, if you like standup comedy and have a chance to catch this show, do. Dave Attell by himself is worth the cost alone.