COOL: The Dr. Seuss stamp has been unveiled by the USPS and I like it. I'm glad they went with an image that shows him and his creations.

While I'm on the subject of Seuss, we're on the Dr. Seuss book club through Scholastic and there are basically 3 types of books we get.

  • Type 1 are the actual Seuss books, and they are awesome of course. I love that Allison will have these to read when she grows up.
  • Type 2 are the nothing-to-do-with-Suess books such as the The Giant Ball of String (or something like that) that I was reading this morning. These are inoffensive, standard children's books, nothing great but not bad either.
  • Type 3 are the worst, the I-wish-I-was-Suess books. These are the ones written by people who would really love to have the language skills and playfulness of Dr. Seuss but never will, ever. I would just as soon throw these away but I have an inherent block in my programming that doesn't allow me to throw away books.

Thanks to Journalista for the stamp story.