DIET: So far I've been doing a sort-of undisciplined Atkins diet for about 2 weeks. I say undisciplined because I'm not counting the exact numbers of carbs I've been eating, just trying to estimate and keep it around 20 for the Induction phase. So far it seems like it's really working. I've lost about 8 pounds, more than I've lost "eating right" for the past few months. I'm a member of the great website eDiets.com which makes finding proper meals (by far the hardest part of Atkins) very easy since they do it all for you. I see Atkins as a great diet for geeks and lazy people since the science seems to work out (at least to the extent that we understand the human body, which isn't a whole lot based on the reems of paper dedicated to contridictory eating advice) and for lazy people it's much easier to say 'Eat less of X' than it is to say 'Eat better'. Eating better is hard, especially if you're like me and don't care for most vegetables. Eating less carbs is easy, just look at the label. The popularity of Atkins and other low-carb diets is making it profitable for companies to make low and lower carb versions of foods so there's more stuff out there than you might think if you've never looked. Our local Albertsons has a whole section devoted to Atkins and low carb stuff, there's a shop in town that sells nothing but low-carb stuff, I even found low-carb ice cream and frozen deserts at Raley's the other day. It's easy, I can easily make a scientific/evolutionary case for it, and it seems to work. That's about all I ask for.