BOOKS: The great About Last Night weblog has a discussion going about books v. ebooks that I'm sure will become more and more important in the years to come. I'm in an odd place in this discussion. On the one hand; I'm a voracious reader, I read everything and when I have nothing to read I read anything handy. My house has stacks of books everywhere, much to the chagrin of Kim. On the other hand; I'm a geek and a futurist. I love technology, I love advancments of all kinds. I love books but I can see a day when they're niche collectible items like tin toys. I think within my lifetime most people will buy books online and download them into a reader of some kind (which will make today's ebook readers look like horse-drawn carriages no doubt). But I will no doubt be the crazy old man with a robot body and artificial brain holed up in his orbiting helium filled library leafing through my copy of Don Quixote.