LIFE: Much to the surprise of, well, me, I'm getting married. I say to my surprise for various reasons. First, I have almost no view of the future. I pretty much live by the 'take things as they come' model so I never once considered being married just as I never consider what would happen if I become President, or a famous writer. If it happens, it happens. Even when I was a kid and I'd imagine being a corporate dictator CEO with a globe spanning empire (I was young and since I never had money, I wanted a lot of it when I grew up) I only ever imagined having kids, not a wife. The second reason is that I never thought any girl would have me. I grew up overweight in San Diego (which will kill your self-esteem quick unless you're unthinkingly oblivious to peer pressure, as I have always been for some reason), I'm very private and very introverted, I like being alone, and as I've been told numerous times I "look mean". So I guess that means Kim is a bit crazy for wanting to be stuck with me for however many years. In any case, we're shooting for around the second week of August, 2004. I'm hoping I can start selling some writing between now and then so I can save some money for a honeymoon. As it is, I'm not sure how we'll even pay for the wedding. It'll be an adventure, that's for sure. I think we'll make a good partnership though, we already created the best, smartest little girl in the world. Not that I'm biased.